The World Factbook is a reference resource of the CIA which has different kinds of data about the countries of the world. In this link you will be able to see classified information about Denmark (its society, geography, energy, communications, government, economy, military…)


The official website of Denmark in which you can find quick facts about the country, a description of its society, lifestyle and culture, what makes the Danes such open people, why is Denmark such an ecologic country…

copenhagen cooking

In this video published by the CNN News it is explained why is Denmark the happiest country in the world. This aspect of their culture is one of the things that makes the rest of the world be jealous of them because living in the happiest place on earth is a great privilege the Danes have and everyone wants to know why is that.


  • THE HEROIC LEGENDS OF DENMARK. Scandinavian Monographs VI by Axel Olrik; Lee M. Hollander
  • Review by: Gudmund Schütte
  • Scandinavian Studies and Notes, Vol. 6, No. 7 (AUGUST, 1921), pp. 210-221
  • Published by: University of Illinois Press on behalf of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study
  • Article Stable URL:

This monograph is considered one the most famous that includes fairy tales, ballads, songs, folklore and mythology… of not only Scandinavian countries in general but specially of the Danish culture.


This source is definitely not one of the most reliable ones but it gives you introductory information, you could say, about Denmark society in categories such as religion, holidays, sexuality, ethnic groups, education…

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